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Quite often, celebrating that critical moment in your life requires delicious dishes. However, preparing meals for that special event in your life can be an intimidating task. Nevertheless, worry not, because Seasons Catering has you covered. We ensure that you focus on other aspects of your big moment by taking the burden of catering off your hands. We cater for different occasions such as wedding receptions, anniversaries, holiday events, birthday parties or any other type of celebrations. We maintain utmost professionalism and an unrivalled dedication to customer service. No party is too big or too small for us. Our dedicated team does an excellent job when it comes to drawing up menus, preparing and serving meals on your desired plate and dinnerware, as well as arranging for the right wait staff.

We serve a wide variety of delicious meals. Our buffet menu entails chicken stir-fry, meatballs and Texas spaghetti, cheese enchiladas, veggie enchiladas, beef enchiladas, chicken enchiladas, veggie kebabs, beef or veggie hamburgers, and beef or turkey hot dogs. We also serve multiple side dishes such as Texas BBQ beans, roasted red potatoes, Ambrosia, Macaroni salad, Penne pasta salad, candied yams, creamy Cole slaw, refried beans, Mexican beans, Hawaiian rice, Mexican rice, White steamed rice and mixed green salad. Regarding beverages and desserts, available choices include coffee with condiments, assorted soft drinks, Texas cow pie cookies, sheet cakes, brownies, assorted cheesecakes, assorted pies and lemonade, iced tea or punch.

We also have a coffee/beverage station, Air pots for hot water, decaf and coffee. However, we are most excited about our newest addition to our arsenal: a slow juicer. This juicer has enhanced the taste of our fresh juice because its slow speed and low heat squeezing preserves nutrients, fibres, and original flavour. It is also more efficient in extracting juice from leafy greens than any other juicer.

To ensure that everything at your event is perfect, we use a vast array of utensils for various tasks. Following is a list of the different kitchen utensils at Seasons Catering.

    • Table Settings
    • Dinner plates
    • Bread plates
    • Salad plates
    • Water glasses
    • Wine glasses
    • Coffee cups with saucer
    • Silverware settings
    • Linen or paper napkins
    • Tablecloths
    • Table centerpieces
    • Salt and pepper shakers
    • Sugar holders
    • Butter holders
    • Serving Equipment
    • Serving trays
    • Bus Tubs
    • Water pitchers
    • Buffet Equipment
    • Plates
    • Silverware rolls
    • Bread basket
    • Chaffing dishes
    • Fuel cells for chaffing dishes
    • Lighter or matches for fuel cells
    • Tongs
    • Serving spoons
    • Spatulas
    • Cutting board
    • Sharp knife for cutting
    • Rags



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